University of Konstanz
Database & Information Systems Group
Prof. Marc H. Scholl

Operating Systems


[28.06.2006] Exam dates (changed again):
First attempt: Wed, 26.07.06, 14.00-16.00 h, D 434 (Second chance: Wed, 11.10.06, 14.00-16.00 h, C 252)

[08.05.2006] Original ppt slides
If you are unsatisfied with the colour background or other layout issues and find them unsuitable for printing, please find the original powerpoint slides on the companion web site (linked under 'Other Material').



Lecture Slides

The slides presented during the lecture will be accessible for download here.

1Introduction (MS/MW)24.04.pdf
2Operating System Structures (MS)26.04.pdf
3Processes (MW)03.05. / 08.05.pdf
4Threads (MW)10.05.pdf
5CPU Scheduling (MW)15.05.pdf
6Process Synchronization (MS)17.05. / 22.05.pdf
7Deadlocks (MS)24.05.pdf
8Main Memory (MW)29.05.pdf
9Virtual Memory (MW)31.05. / 07.06.pdf
10File System Interface (MW)12.06.pdf
11File System Implementation (MW)14.06. / 19.06.pdf
12Mass Storage Structure (MS)21.06.pdf
13I/O Systems (MS)26.06.pdf
14Protection (MS)28.06.pdf
15Security (MS)03.07. / 05.07.pdf
16Distributed System Structure (MW)10.07. / 12.07.pdf
17Distributed File Systems (MW)17.07.pdf
18Distributed Coordination (MS)19.07.pdf
SyllCourse Syllabus & Questions (MS/MW)24.07.pdf


1Operating System Structures (paper work)26.04.200610.05.2006pdf
2Processes, Threads and Playing with FS (mixed)10.05.200617.05.2006pdfpdfpdf
3Process Scheduling and Synchronization (paper work)17.05.200624.05.2006pdfpdf
4Multithreaded Programming Java/Synchronization (mixed)24.05.200631.05.2006pdfpdf
5 (Virtual) Memory (paper work)30.05.200607.06.2006pdfpdf
6File Systems (paper work)14.06.200621.06.2006pdfpdf
8Distributed Systems12.07.200619.07.2006pdfpdf

Other Material

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