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Author(s) Dolfing, H.
Title A Visual Analytics Framework for Feature and Classifier Engineering
Abstract This thesis describes results of research on visualization techniques, visual clustering, feature engineering and classifier analysis. Most of the research and development is done at the Product and Application Development department of Océ Document Technologies GmbH (ODT) in Konstanz, Germany.

Goal of the research project was to combine scientific research with a practical solution to support feature and classifier engineering for large high dimensional data sets, such as those of ODT. This resulted in the development of a visual analytics framework that supports these tasks. The framework combines existing methods with newly developed visualization and clustering techniques.

This thesis contains three contributions to computer science.
  • GridView, a collection of different views that makes it possible to view and explore a very large data set.
  • A new visual clustering algorithm based on the O-Cluster algorithm [MC02], called Visual Supported O-Clustering
  • A visual analytics framework that combines existing techniques and algorithms with the newly developed techniques.
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